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Steve Getting Angry
How we went viral on TikTok

Steve Getting Angry is a TikTok account dedicated to the angriest man I know, my dad. My copywriting partner, Lauren Torres suggested I upload clips of his anger to TikTok. we now have over 12,000,000 views, 2,000,000 likes, 55,000 followers – and counting.

Who is Steve?

Sure, Steve is my dad, but I like to think he’s more than that. Steve is all of us. We are all Steve.

Has Steve always been this angry?

We think so, but we’re too afraid to ask.

Why is Steve so angry?

No one really knows. Some people are born with human tails, others with a heart full of rage.

How is Steve handling the fame?

He’s started charging us for family photos.

Is this “elder abuse”?

No. Until he turns 65, the proper term is just “abuse.”

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