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We love taking photos of our face


We’ll turn unused selfies into currency by letting consumers swap an old photo for a new face-imprinted Whopper.  



Introducing the Campaign

We’ll introduce our audience to the campaign with out-of-home billboards that feature the FaceWhopper and bold headlines.

In-Store Experience

Users will submit their selfies at our in-store kiosk. It will capture and send the data to a special laser printing grill, which will then imprint the photos onto our seeded bun. If users don’t want to use an old photo, they have the option of scanning their face in-store.

Seeding the Experience

Instagram in-feed posts will be a digital version of our out-of-home billboards. They’ll also lead users to learn more about the Face Whopper on our website.

Snapchat filters will entertain users and give them a taste of what they’d look like as a Face Whopper. In other words, it’ll give them an opportunity to try before they buy.

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